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Seven steps to a ‘significantly better’ interest rate for your mortgage


If you have ever been a mortgage borrower, I am sure you have heard about a friend, even a distant relative of a friend or a friend of a distant relative for that matter who somehow got a much better rate and terms for their mortgage loan. Do you ever wonder if there is any truth to those stories? It turns out that according to a Bank of Canada study completed in February of this year, not only these stories can be true; in fact there is a science behind how Banks figure out who to charge more.

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Ping Pong of the Interest Rate Game!



More requests for addressing various aspects of the interest rate game. This blog approaches this subject from a mortgage broker’s point of view. I call it the ping-pong of the interest rate game.

Here is the all too familiar scenario. A mortgage broker quotes a potential borrower the best rate available at that time. Learn More

Get the best interest rate.



After my last blog I received a few requests to expand on the information about how the interest rates are determined and what steps need to be taken by the borrower to ensure that one gets the best possible rate when obtaining a mortgage loan. Learn More

Streamlined Mortgage Application Process




The paperwork that is involved in the process of making a new application for a mortgage loan can overwhelm most borrowers. In my view a good Mortgage Broker must take steps to make this part of a loan application simple and easy to manage for the borrowers. Mortgage Brokers can do this simply by being better organized and by assisting their clients step by step in the early stages. Learn More