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Roopy Toor

Printing Imagination (and Homes!)

A child’s imagination is certainly something to behold. From pillow forts that double as outlying starbases, to walks in the forest that double as adventures travelling up and over the world’s tallest peaks, this gift that children possess- that of finding joy (not to mention awe and wonder) in the everyday is truly a thing of beauty.And, for a vast number of today’s children, one such imaginative outlet continues to be that of the lego brick; and why not?! These colourful shapes can turn the dullest of afternoons into an amateur engineer’s dream; vast worlds waiting to be created out of the simplest of shapes and forms.

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9 Quick Tips on Finding a Great REALTOR®

So, you want to buy a home. Or maybe you want to sell your home. Either way, working with a real estate professional or REALTOR® is a really good idea. But with all the agents out there competing to earn your business, how do you find the right one? Here is a quick list of tips that should help you narrow down the list of potential suitors. From there, its up to you!

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