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Mortgage Application Procedure

We are committed to supporting your efforts to protect your personal data and confidential information.  We do not accept unsolicited online applications.

Below is a list of documents that you will need to complete an application.  Once you have gathered these, please send an email request to and we will send you a link to complete a secure online application.  If you prefer, we can also arrange to complete this process in person.

If you’re ready and want to fill out your application securely online, you can do so by clicking this Secure Online Application.


You will need:

  1. Full Name(s), Date(s) of Birth and SIN(s)
  2. Residential Address (for the past 3 years)
  3. Employment History (for the past 3 years)
  4. Documentation to support your income (T4s, Tax Returns etc.)
  5. A complete list of ALL assets & supporting documents
  6. A complete list of ALL liabilities
  7. Specifics of your current mortgage (if Refinancing)
  8. Documentation to support any unique situation